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Ask us about improving the indoor air quality at your home or office

Does the air in your Warren, Youngstown & Niles, OH & surrounding areas home feel uncomfortable? Do you find it hard to breathe inside your office or workplace? These problems can be a result of poor indoor air quality. It's important to make sure that the air you're breathing is clean and safe, and pure air creates a more comfortable environment. Thompson Mechanical, Inc. sells, installs and repairs a range of air quality solutions that can help. Our equipment can remove unsafe contaminants in your air, which allows you to breathe more clearly.

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3 great air quality solutions from Thompson Mechanical

If you want to breathe easier in your home or office, we have a few solutions to your poor air quality problem. We sell different types of equipment that can help improve air quality in any room, including:

  1. Air purifiers: Remove contaminants in the air with an air purifier or air cleaner
  2. Humidifiers: Increase humidity in your home or office with a humidifier
  3. UV lights: Kill mold and bacteria with HVAC UV lights

Thompson Mechanical's experienced technicians will install the equipment in your home. If your air purifier, humidifier or UV light stops working, we'll repair it. Call us today to find out more about improving the quality of your air in Warren, Youngstown or Niles, OH.